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Local HOA Info

Welcome to the Homeowners’ Association section! The Homeowner’s Association is encouraged to share information with the entire community by posting information in this unique portion of the neighborhood website. If you are a member of the Homeowner’s Association, you may save costs by posting your newsletter, or including your resident directory in a password protected section.

This is a great forum to reach all of the members of the neighborhood! We encourage you to embrace this portion of the neighborhood website!

HOA Contact Information:

– Arrowcreek HOA – managed by Associated Management Inc. 626-7333

– Fieldcreek Estates HOA – managed by EBMC 828-3664

– Galena Forest HOA – managed by Gastwilkenson 775-323-4355

– Galena Terrace (Rolling Hills Maintenance Association) – managed by Associated Management 626-7333

– Montreux – ordered through Mike Joseph at 853-9056 (phone) and 853-7304 (fax)

– Saddlehorn HOA – managed by Gastwilkenson 775-323-4355

– St. James Village HOA – managed by EBMC 828-3664